Save tax, manage profit and leverage your cash-flow to build lasting wealth.

The FFC Program will help you pull more money out of your business so that you can spend more time with your family and enjoy doing the things you love to do. We work with you to ensure that you set aside enough to pay yourself first, cover overhead, and even have profit to go on vacation. Our proactive tax & accounting service pays for itself in savings and for every engagement - we give back.


Problems We Solve

We are accountants & small business experts who simplify your cash-flow to help you achieve your goals and build lasting wealth.


Save tax

We give you a second opinion and regularly review your business structure to proactively implement every legal tax planning strategy.

manage profit

Money problems are at the root of many relationship issues, which is why we work with you to ensure you manage your profit margin.

build wealth

Get more time, money and happiness out of your business with our cash-flow framework that helps you fund your retirement.

Running a business is a big deal. Making sure that it provides for you and your family is important. That’s why we focus on cash-flow and re-imagined the entire process, from accounting to budgeting — making sure you have a “living margin.”


Solutions We Provide

We use real-time financial data to help small business owners understand how to save tax, manage profit, and build wealth.


tax planning

With easy to follow tax planning tips, customized to your business, you can take immediate steps to control cash-flow.

Business analysis

Turn your numbers into actionable insight so you can achieve stronger results and make better cash-flow decisions.

financial coaching

Create a plan, manage cash-flow, and track financial goals, along with a renewed vision for your financial future.