We simplify accounting, so you can make more.
We AUTOMATE payroll, so you can save more.
We manage taxes, so you can keep more.



simple accounting

Take control of your workflow and bring all of your financial information that you need together in one easy-to-navigate space. 

automated payroll

Run payroll and complete other HR administrative tasks as quickly as possible without frustration or costly mistakes.

tax management

Connect your financial information and experiment with different strategies to see how they'll impact your tax return.

With FFC, it’s like having words behind numbers.
With FFC, it’s like having payroll on autopilot.
With FFC, it’s like having an antidote for taxes.

When it comes to managing their business life, most entrepreneurs are so focused on perfecting their skill that they neglect their financial health. 

So, we built a 3-dimensional program for entreprneurs that helps you increase profit, improve cash-flow, and make better business life decisions. 



Control your finances with real-time access to your financial information.



Boost profitability and make informed decisions with key performance indicators.



Stay compliant and keep more of what you earn with proactive tax management. 

The FFC difference

 We've done this a lot, and we do it very well. In fact, we guarantee it. Think of our team as your professional CFO. We utilize modern technology to stay connected with you while providing virtual accounting services. To guarantee compatibility, we'll set the goals together and then provide you with strategic ideas. This gives you the opportunity to try our services risk-free and allows us to better understand your financial needs.

A flat-fee pricing model where we learn what you need and then use specific criteria to itemize a fixed monthly fee and schedule. 

We'll guide you through the process and put everything into a proposal with all the details so there are no misunderstandings. 

flexible program packages

Our packages are based on business complexity, size, transactions, number of employees and bank accounts. Every package includes bank reconciliation, payroll, financial reporting, corporate compliance and business tax return. 


The entrepreneur package includes specialty trade contractors and/or freelancers with less than 250 account transactions per month.


The professional package would include medical professionals and mid-size businesses with less than 500 transactions per month.


The enterprise package includes high transaction volume "brick & mortar" businesses with more than 10 employees. 

Program faqs

Account transactions are defined as any bank, credit card, merchant processor, line of credit or loan that is business-related.

Per month pricing is based upon annual services, but we never lock you in, and we make it easy for you to cancel at any-time.

Additional charges (+) may apply if you need any catch up work or if you need any new entities setup to help you meet your goals.

More faqs here