Cash-Flow Workshop


The Cash-Flow Framework is a strategic plan to teach people how to manage your cash-flow God's way. Through a live workshop event, FFC will equip your team or group (10-15 participants) with the steps needed to create a culture of true biblical stewardship that is fueled by mastering the art of giving and receiving. 

Would you like to have the confidence and know-how to change your family tree and create a lasting legacy? Taking control of cash-flow is easier than you think, and we'll show you how! Join a team of trail-blazers who are using a biblical cash-flow model to create a living margin that'll have an impact for generations.


what you'll learn

cash-flow framework

Right out of the gate, you'll dive into the fundamentals of the cash-flow framework and how to create a living margin.

cash-flow budgeting

Next, you'll learn an easy cash-flow budget that'll help you navigate financial crisis and plan for the future.

cash-flow management

Finally, you'll be shown ancient financial secrets that'll help you self-direct and leverage your cash-flow for growth.

Workshop Schedule


"Intro to the Cash-Flow Framework"
Learn the 3 core principles of cash-flow.


"The Cash-Flow Accounting Formula"
Guarantee margin in your business life.


"The Cash-Flow Budgeting Method"
Master the art of giving and receiving.


"The Secret of Cash-Flow Management"
Leverage your assets to maximize cash-flow.

renewed hope by taking CONTROL OF CASH-FLOW

We know that you want to be financially free, but like most people, you likely have a lot of questions and aren't sure where to start. At the Cash-Flow Workshop event, you'll learn an easy to follow framework that God gave us for financial freedom.

The truth is, that if you take a quick look at the financial state of Americans, it will reveal that the average person is broke! The Cash-Flow Framework is a common-sense education and empowerment system that will give you the skills you need to change your life and the trajectory of your family tree. When you get real about your deepest point of need, you'll see the greatest point of potential impact!

What your community can expect from the training:

Create a community of outrageous givers.

Build a culture that encourages outreach.

Equip your community in biblical stewardship.

what the participants can expect from the training:

Identify the reasons you struggle with cash-flow.

Learn the secrets of cash-flow management.

Gain the necessary tools to control cash-flow.

creating a living margin

Did you know there are over 2,000 verses in Scripture devoted to handling cash-flow and resources? How about the fact that Jesus spent over 15% of all of His teachings concerning financial matters? All too often, well intending people follow practical financial wisdom yet ignore spiritual principles.

Some will even follow spiritual principles believing that there is a "magic pill" to fix all their financial woes. In this training, you will learn how to apply and balance both practical and biblical principles to create Living Margin.

Cash-Flow Workshop Pricing

$300 per person

Limited Time Only!

Normally $695


Discounted pricing for the live workshop that combines Living Margin teaching with step-by-step Cash-Flow Accounting / Budgeting instructions. Event coordinator attends free with at least 10 paid participants.


workshop registration

A full day "on-site" coaching event for business owners who want to setup your own cash-flow management system and learn the framework of creating a living margin.

$3000 FOR group (10+)


*In addition to the workshop, registration includes monthly personal coaching for three months. 

*Registration fee also includes our travel costs, but does not include software fees - if applicable.


cash-flow workshop Request

The Cash-Flow Framework works for business teams, ministries and colleges too. If you'd like FFC to walk through our framework customized specifically for your unique situation and goals, this is the option for you. We'll personalize the material and setting so your financial goals and vision take center stage.

To learn more about the Cash-Flow Workshop or to find out how to create a culture of generosity in your community, contact us today. And don't worry, when it comes to helping you implement the plan, we'll be there to guide and encourage you along the way. 

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