You were created to experience a meaningful life and do great things that positively impact people for good.


Every business has the power to change lives by making poverty personal. Through the FFC Outreach Initiative, we're engaging with poverty across the street and across the sea. The vision is to re+imagine charity.

Our mission is to stop calling our neighbors "the poor" and to start calling them by their names. This vision is fueled by a perpetual hope that another world is possible. It’s a simple but powerful example of how together we can end global poverty, for good. Thank you for being apart of the FFC family and making a world of difference.


Be Neighborly

Helping your neighbor is so much more than just meeting their needs; it's about developing a life-long friendship. Being neighborly makes it easier to connect with others across the sea and across the street in a brand new way. You can make a true impact today.


across the sea

You can go across the sea to help children in developing countries get a quality education by providing a school uniform.

across the street

You can go across the street to help children in need by becoming a support network for families in crisis.


Clothe Your Neighbor

Clothe Your Neighbor is a nonprofit 501(c)3 movement that exists to make poverty personal by serving as a megaphone for those in need and mobilizing you to empower them.

Every 90 days, join us in the fight against poverty in a different country around the world. Together, we can help end hunger, provide clean water, give quality education, and help end human trafficking. With each campaign, you'll put three children in school, totaling 12 children in school every year! 

The Neighborly° App

Every donation receives a free Impact Kit in the mail. Inside, you'll find a necklace stamped with the coordinates of where the child you've sent to school is sitting in class. Your Impact Kit is packaged by folks transitioning from homelessness in the USA.

Track your impact with the coordinates provided in your Impact Kit. Via 360° technology, you can sit in a classroom next to a child from the community where your donation is making an impact and even pass notes to kids in class right from your phone.

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Making Poverty Personal

Through Clothe Your Neighbor, we help those who need support and encouragement so that they can thrive in business and succeed at life. It’s our goal to partner with organizations as well as individuals who desire to impact people for good by making poverty personal.

global impact

As an advocate for the poor and afflicted, we're helping children who live in impoverished communities.
Example: We give life-changing education and support to children every-time we sign an engagement. 

local impact

We challenge our team to be generous to their neighbors and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Example: We give our time and talent to various local organizations whenever we finish annual returns.

family impact

We back-up our love for one another by providing resources to those in underprivileged neighborhoods.
Example: We give a portion of our profit to help people start a business so they can provide for their family.


Clothe Your Neighbor

For children in developing countries, a uniform is required for school. The small cost of a uniform made locally ensures that children are given access to education, thus lifting these kids from a cycle of poverty.

The Impact Kit that we send you as a thank you, is made by employing our neighbors transitioning homelessness so that your donation across the sea makes a difference across the street.