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Cash-Flow Program

Every plan comes with a dedicated & experienced advisor

Are you a freelancer, small business owner or medical professional looking to take control of your cash-flow? Are you stuck and wondering what's the next best step? Think back to your original goal to become an entrepreneur. The idea most likely thrilled you. 

Unfortunately, often in the battle, our dreams start to shrink and our anxiety grows as we try to manage our work and cash-flow.  The idea of living the business life of your dreams can still be a possibility. And FFC is here to help you with the Cash-Flow Program.

How the Cash-Flow Program Works

We give you a team of advisors to help you manage your cash-flow and intuitive software to monitor your margin. It’s everything you need to do your accounting - without actually having to do your accounting.

Stop wasting precious time entering financial data or paying someone thousands of dollars to do it for you. The FFC Program will teach you the cash-flow framework and help you take control and manage your cash-flow.