our goal for you

Think of our team as your professional CFO. We utilize modern technology to stay connected with you while providing business, financial, and tax management. Our goal is to help you become debt-free while investing 10% of your increased cash-flow.

Why Choose FFC

Well, we're good at helping our clients save a ton of money and a lot of time.  Oh, and we don't do annual contracts. Instead, we will provide you with a Statement of Work that will detail exactly what we'll do for you and what it'll cost on a month to month basis. 

hours of operation

We are in the office Monday – Friday from 9-5pm.  However, we do a lot of work on weekends when time constraints demand it – especially during tax season.  If you have a need for contact with us over the weekend, please send an email.

our location

We have a corporate office in Mason City, Iowa and a satellite office in Sioux City. We also hold regular meetings in Des Moines (IA), Wichita (KS), Orlando (FL) and wherever we have clients. We don't outsource our work and have clients all over the country. 

Do We Travel?

We work very hard to ensure information can pass easily between us. With email, web-portal, and even shared server options, we have streamlined the way we work with clients. However, we’re always looking for an excuse to come visit clients all across the country!    

What is bookkeeping review?

We look for incorrect financial statements and items that could be a red flag. When we find them, we present them to you with options for correction. Some of the most common include: distribution errors, category issues, and double counting sales.

What is a financial review?

Every year, our senior advisors meet internally to review your business financials. We put all our resources together to produce a summary that turns your financial statements into a plain-language, narrative report that can help you make better business - life decisions.

What is Quarterly tax planning?

Every business owner needs strategies that will help them reduce or eliminate their tax due.  Our tax planning module provides tax projections, strategies and support. Our team will walk you through the strategies and provide feedback on how to implement them.

Do I Need Payroll?

If you are incorporated as an S-Corp, the IRS requires you to run a payroll. In addition, if you pay someone to do work for your business you become responsible for deducting payroll taxes based on wages earned. Payroll reports are required to be filed quarterly and annually.

what’s included in tax-prep?

Our team will prepare and e-file one business and personal tax return for you. The process starts by sending us your tax documents and completing our tax interview. When your tax returns are completed, we will send you copies and detailed filing instructions.

How Does Billing Work?

Once you’ve decided on the plan that’s right for you, we’ll send you a Statement of Work and our Engagement, which allows us to run your payment each month at the agreed upon rate.  Once set up, it will automatically recur each month with no further action needed.

is FFC a cpa firm?

While FFC Advisors is not a CPA firm, we can assure you that when it comes to your business, we’re all about the numbers. If your business needs professionally prepared financials, we can prepare these for you through one of our CPA staff members or affiliated companies.

Whether you’re a chiropractor, dentist, contractor or a trucker, we will offer you our best accounting and financial management services. LET US HELP YOU DO WHAT YOU LOVE.