Your Financials Working For You

Embracing change should be at the heart of every entrepreneurial adventure. But as your business grows, a greater amount of structure is needed to maintain financial stability. Unfortunately, over time, the success of a business will influence you to migrate to a 'pyramidal' financial system.

While such a migration seems befitting, it can destroy innovation and collaboration. It is a great system for controlling and keeping the status quo, but doesn't guarantee the stability and efficiency of the business without the need for extensive data entry. 


Beyond organizing your financial information, FFC can help you with putting "words behind the numbers" and tell you the story about what's really going on in the life of your business. The more we understand your business life, the better equipped we'll be to analyze your business data and improve your financial health.

At FFC, we want to remain innovative and disruptive in the tax accounting industry. This means that we are pursuing and embracing new models of data management to better serve our clients. It is more of a logical progression from the work we already do, but will further enable us to identify patterns quicker and communicate it to you in real-time.  


We're working on making your data entry easier through a combination of cloud-based systems and mobile technology. This will help you refine and improve the financial management of your business, which will help you make better informed decisions.

One of our goals this year is to improve the FFC experience and collaboration.  What this means is that we're going through lots of interface tweaks, system upgrades, and even a new office build-out. We'll keep you informed of the progression, but rest assured, the FFC experience just got upgraded with better communication and easier data management.