Let Us Help You Do What You Love

At FFC, our team is focused on helping you improve your financial health so that you have the freedom to do what you love. The foundation for our working relationships have been built on the benefits of trusted advisors and proven strategies. We've been successful in this endeavor and have been disrupting the status quo in the world of accounting and tax management since 1990.

Although we've been in business for nearly 30 years, we're working tirelessly in 2017 to finish off our vision for what Financial Freedom Controls should look like. A few of our plans:

  • Decrease your data-entry burden. The latest cloud accounting applications gives us daily, weekly, or monthly instant access to your numbers, which means less data-entry for you.
  • Increase your business intelligence. With better access to your numbers, we have the ability to bring you incredibly detailed reporting and forecasting on the financial health of your business. 
  • Maintain and improve your FFC experience. Lots of interface tweaks, system upgrades, and a new office build-out means your FFC experience just got upgraded with better, easier communication. 

The reality is that the cloud hasn't just changed our social lives, but also how we do and transact business. Cloud ecosystems have improved and matured greatly over the past five years and are now at the point of becoming a reliable option for businesses of any size.

In this modern age of cloud-based technology, we've embraced this approach and have adapted it to our business model to create an FFC ecosystem that takes us beyond simple accounting and tax filing. 

FFC and Your Financials Working Together For You

As your business grows, it is easy to come under pressure and lose track of your financial situation. There are more transactions and things happening with even more records to keep track of. Money flows in and out of the business at a faster rate, and it's easy to lose track of it. You may not know if you're truly profitable, or how much you should reinvest in the business. 

Unless you love numbers and do bookkeeping for fun, you probably didn't go into business to do accounting. Imagine a business life balance where you're not spending late nights or weekends punching data into a spreadsheet or wondering how much money your're really making.

Through the FFC Advisor's program, you have better insight into your numbers and are able to understand your business financials in plain language. You now have the ability to see your transactions in real-time, which enables FFC to view, analyze and decode your numbers.

Your financials become actionable intelligence rather than just required compliance. We can take you way beyond those compliance basics to help you minimize liability, maximize cash-flow, and maintain peace of mind. 

Throughout the year, many of you have shared stories about how FFC has impacted your business life and decision making process. You also offered feedback and suggestions on how we can better serve you and continue being your valued partner.

Thank you for trusting us with your business and for your honesty in helping us do what we love. It is our hope that this year, we can make working with FFC an even better experience.