The FFC Life Code

Work - pursue your ambitions with clearly defined roles and goals
Others - maintain safe, healthy and positive relationships
Resources - invest in tangible assets that have long-term potential
Spiritual - embrace a redemptive perspective of your story
Health - improve your physical, mental and spiritual well being
Intellect - gain knowledge and wisdom through shared experiences
Personal - live in the moment and enjoy life along the way

The FFC Work Code

Wisdom - exhibit good judgement and dedication to excellence
Originality - think inside the box and do what you love
Relationship - express gratitude and take nothing for granted
Simplicity - embrace limitations and do more by doing less
Humility - have a teachable attitude and promote unity
Integrity - pretend about nothing and honor one another
Performance  - deliver crystal clear expectations and brilliant execution

The FFC Wealth Code

Work - look for opportunities to educate yourself and use your skills
Offering - support your spiritual community and your mentor(s)
Reality - spend less than you earn and don't buy frivolous things
Save - put some money away for emergencies and celebrations
Honor - give a portion of all you earn to the poor and oppressed
Invest - pay off all debt and then cautiously invest for your family
Protect - ensure peace of mind and get enough insurance coverage

The FFC Health Code

Whole - eat more whole foods but avoid intolerant foods
Oxygen - enjoy a little sunshine outside and breathe deep
Relax - take frequent breaks through the day to focus
Sleep - get better sleep and at least 7-9 hours per night
Hydration - drink more water and avoid sugary drinks
Inspiration - give up anger and avoid negative influences
Physical - be physically active for 30 minutes everyday